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I am interested in learning new things

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Ahmed Jabir

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Looking to practice my Chinese and even learn some basic Hungarian :)

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Am easy to talk to,am 32 yrs of age and am bubbly.

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👋🏻 hello My name is bulgaa I’m 30 years old. I live in mongolian. I want to learn english.

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I am the creator of this website. I'm Japanese and like programming and foreign cultures. Let's interact, Twitter is here. @ryosuke_1997 このサイトを作りました。英語と外国文化が好きです、交流しましょう!!

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Nirmal Bhandariさん、Anu thapa magarさん、eishaさん、めいさん他6名からフォローされています


I'm Conrado. Live in Rosario, Argentina and works in IT department. I enjoy travel, study, read, learning technologies and running. Spend time in my house is a great plan for me too.

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